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The Article Based Blogs

The blogs in this category have articles of interest related to the topic in the blog title. For most of these blogs I hand pick articles from the article directories as well as produce an occasional post of my own. Most of the posts include some pictures and links to related products.

About Music Blog

About Music Blog Thumb

The articles that I post on this blog have to do with some phase of the music industry. Some of the articles are slanted more to those making the music and some are for music listeners. If you are interested in music there are probably some articles that would be of interest to you. This is part of the AudioArt MusicPlayer website.

The Simple Sites Blog

Simple Site Design Thumb

This blog contains articles and posts about various phases of site design and site building. It is a new blog but I will be adding more content as time passes. This blog is a part of the Symmetrical Backgrounds website. Symmetrical Backgrounds offers free web background images.

Art and Photography Articles

Art and Photography Articles Thumb

The contents of this blog primarily relate to art or photography. I have an article delivery service that supplies content. Some of the articles may wonder a little from the main topics. This blog is part of the Number One Pictures website.

Beautiful Ladies Blog

Beautiful Ladies Blog Thumb

I collect articles that I hope will be of interest to all the beautiful ladies. This blog is in conjunction with the Plus Size Info website. There are fashion tips and ideas for all ladies, but catering to those starting at size 14. Articles for this site are hand picked and I hope that they will provide useful information.

Computer Related Articles

Computer Related Articles Thumb

This is another site services by an article delivery service. They are primarily computer related, but most things are now days. The topics available cover a broad range. This blog is part of the I Built My Computer website.

The Gemstone Blog

The Gemstone Blog Thumb

The articles that I choose for this blog have information about gemstones or the jewelry that is produced using the gemstones. I am on the lookout for articles that I think will be of interest to those who enjoy the beauty and warmth of natural gems. This blog is part of the Gemstone Jewelry Now website.

The Gourmet Cupboard

The Gourmet Cupboard Thumb

The Gourmet Cupboard is a food related blog as the name would imply. I look for articles on various delicacies and delectable foods. Most of the posts have mouth watering pictures to add some pleasure to the experience. The Gourmet Cupboard is a stand alone blog, not attached to a greater website.

The Leather Love Blog

The Leather Love Blog Thumb

The leather love blog has information about natural leather items and the uses for leather. This blog is inspired by and attached to the Freebird Leather Sewing site. My friend Mary Dermet works the motorcycle rallies and biker events across the country sewing patches on leathers and doing leather repairs.

The Life Fitness Equipment Blog

The Life Fitness Equipment Blog Thumb

This blog presents articles on the theme of better health and energy levels through diet and exercise. There are articles about various types of fitness equipment and how to gain the maximum benefit from whatever regimen that you choose. This blog is a part of the Exercise Equipment Info website.

MotorCycle World

MotorCycle World Thumb

MotorCycle World is a part of my MotorCycle Rally site. There are articles about motorcycles and travel in the blog. This is another site using the article delivery service. There are a lot more travel articles than motorcycle articles delivered by the service.

Words from the SoapBox

Words From the SoapBox Thumb

This is another article delivery service supplied site. The subject matter that I ordered is quite broad with this site so the articles posted are rather diverse. This is the third part of the World SoapBox site, hence the name.

There are a lot of good articles on these blogs. If any of them coincides with an interest of yours be sure to check them out.

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