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Directory of my WebSites:

Here are links to my other websites. I have included a short description and a thumbnail of the sites to aid in navigation. I hope that you will be interested in visiting some of my other sites.

The list has gotten long and the thumbnails take up some additional space so I have broken the directory into several sections. The top of the comment column on the left has links to the other sections of the directory. I am also adding some information pages so check the top and bottom nav bars to see if there is anything of interest. 

Have a Great Day!! 


My Personal Website

winklongnecker thumbnail

This was the first space with which I began playing around. This was housed on my 'free' ISP space with AT&T,and an archive copy is still there. I have now moved the real, current site to my regular hosting space. I have a little information and a lot of pictures there. I have a relatively extensive links section that is broken into several categories because it became too long for one page. The navigation for both the personal and business sites link to this page (the two are heavily interlinked).

My Business Website

audioart thumbnail

This is the website for AudioArt Sound and Lighting, my small production company. There is basic information about the business, some more pictures, some live recordings (direct from my mixing board to CD), a contact page, and a calendar (that I probably need to update). I also have a what's new page, a gigblog page, and a rallyblog page.

I have a blog space associated with this site. I don't post as frequently as I should, but I do write up some gigs and events.

The AudioArt MusicPlayer

AudioArt MusicPlayer Thumbnail

Here is a site to which I invite bands and musicians to provide their music online for their fans. I have put up some of the music that I have recorded over the past few years, as well. The music player that I use for this site opens in a new pop up window. (Pop-ups must be allowed for this site.) Users can select the music that they wish to listen to and then continue surfing or do other things. The player will minimize to the status bar and keep playing until all the songs in the playlist are played or the player is closed out.

I have added the About Music Blog to this space. I am hand picking articles available from around the web for publication on this blog.

Leave Some Dirt

Leave Some Dirt Thumb

Still looking for that high volume, fun site, this is a site to post comments about life in general. It draws on the idea of Post Secret, a website that allows people to get things off their chest. With Post Secret you must mail a post card to the operator of the site. Here you can leave your dirt online.

Number One Pictures

Number One Pictures Thumb

On this site I have several galleries of pictures that I have taken in the last few years. I am also offering to put up galleries of pictures of general interest to others. Later, when I was developing the Here's Our Site program further, it occurred to me that this would be a good umbrella site for Photographers to use in their sites offered under the free website program.

The Art and Photography blog is associated with this site. I have articles on art and photography among other subjects on the blog.

The MotorCycle Rally

MC-Rally Thumb

This is a directory page for motorcycle events. There is a photos section and I am soliciting other content for the site. I would like it to be an interesting place to visit for reasons other than the directory listings.

I have added a blog space to this site. I am posting articles mostly about motorcycles and travel all over the world in the blog.

Symmetrical Backgrounds

Symmetrical Backgrounds Thumb

There are several galleries of images that can be used for page backgrounds up on this site. The images are symmetrical and tile to produce a seamless background for your page 

The background images used for this page, and most of my pages are available on the Symmetrical Backgrounds site. I also have some articles detailing my thoughts on web design and associated subjects.

The Cartoon Page

The Cartoon Page Thumb

I intend to put up some cartoons, funny pictures, and funny video clips on this space. If you have any thing that you think I might be interested in please send it to me at: Thanks!

Web Pickups

Web PickUps Thumb

I have a circle of friends that pass email jokes and things. There is some fun stuff that comes down the pike. I am posting some of it to this site. There are text jokes, pictures, videos, some sound files, and some inspirational stories. I am trying to add something new every day, but some days are better than others. I don't promise quality. I think there is something there that most people would enjoy. Check it out, and if you like it send a link to your friends. If you don't like it send a link to your enemies!

I have added a blog to this space and am posting the most recent content to the blog. It is a bit easier to make a quick post on a WordPress blog than to build and upload a page plus the associated navigational files. I started using the email subject line for the post title and have found that many people search for these viral emails by their subject line.

The World SoapBox

The World SoapBox Thumb

My original concept was a site dedicated to allowing people to express their views on a wide variety of subjects. I am soliciting 'rants' to post on this site. Please submit any material to:

The local rants and the various sections of the concept site are available through the black nav bar. The address leads to an article directory for the present time. There is also a blog associated with the World SoapBox site in which I publish some other articles and make some posts.

All of the sites have some advertising included. If traffic should grow I may make a few pennies, so send more traffic!! Send a link to anybody that might be interested in the content on any of these sites. Send a link to a few people that just won't care, too.


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