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Information Based Blogs

This section has information about and links to my 'real' blogs. With the exception of Web Pickups I write most of the material posted to these blogs.

The AudioArt Blogs

AudioArt Blogs Thumb

The AudioArt Blogs are a part of my business website. I write up some of the contracts that I fulfill in my business. There is the main blog page and several other pages dedicated to specific types of events.

The Hobby WebMaster Blog

The Hobby WebMaster Blog Thumb

The Hobby WebMaster Blog is as close to a personal blog that I get. I post  primarily information about my sites and things that pertain to the sites and web design.

The Live Sound Mixing Tips Blog

live sound mixing tips blog thumb

This blog is in conjunction with my site Mixing Live Sound. I present tips and articles about the field of live sound reinforcement.

The Mixer in a Box Blog

Mixer in a Box Blog Thumb

This blog is in conjunction with my site Mixer in a Box. This is a site to publicize the virtual digital mixing environment in which I choose to work. The blog details the gigs that I do as well as some informational posts.

The KeyWord Kove Blog

KeyWord Kove Thumb

This is a blog that I have set up to explore the power of keywords. I don't really know which category is the best fit for this blog. I am writing most of the content so I have placed it into this category. I made a special 'alphabet soup' background for this blog.

Monetize Your Site

Monetize Your Site Blog Thumb

This blog is attached to my site Selling on Your Website. I provide some information about my findings in the Internet Marketing World. Much of the information is about things that I can confirm do not work  or work as advertised.

Money from the Web

Money From The Web Blog Thumb

This is the blog arm of my site Before You Buy a Website. I provide some information that I hope will be of value to those starting out on the web and to those interested in Internet Marketing.

Pennies for Wink Publishing

Pennies for Wink Publishing Thumb

This blog is used to publicize my mini-sites. These sites are primarily attempts at Internet Marketing.

Web PickUps Blog

Web PickUps Blog Thumb

Web PickUps, the site and the blog, are primarily just for fun. I built the site to display the email humor that gets forwarded around the net. I was faithful in posting to the main site for a time, and there is a large repository of examples of email comedy on the site. I added the blog because it is easier to make a quick post to a blog than to build a new page and keep track of the linking each time that I have something to upload. Much of the recent material is posted on the blog. It has turned out that there is the added benefit of a much higher profile in the search engines with the blog posts.

I hope that you may find something of interest among my blogs. Please stop in and check them out.

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