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The Information Based Sites

This group of sites provide information about the subject matter that is the primary focus of the site. While they all have some advertising the primary purpose of the site is to provide information. One of these sites has been my highest traffic site for the past year.

Before You Buy a Website

Before You Buy a Website Thumb

Before You Buy a Website started out to be a cautionary site for those tempted to buy a site on ebay or one of the website auction sites. I have expanded it to include information for those thinking of getting something up on the web for the first time. I offer a free PDF on WebSite Basics on this site.

Cheap Digital Mixer

Cheap Digital Mixer Thumb

Cheap Digital Mixer is a .info feeder site for the Mixer in a Box site. I do get some search traffic from people looking for cheap digital mixers. I will probably expand the scope of this site to include information and affiliate links to low end digital sound mixing hardware.

Event Staff Online

Event Staff Online Thumb

Event Staff Online is a listing site for event workers. I have not worked at promoting this site, but I do see a trickle of visitors from the search engines. This site has some potential.

I Built My Computer

I Built My Computer Thumb

This is my computer hobby site. I have a few articles and several news feeds for the computer industry. I see regular traffic to this site drawn mostly by the news feeds and some computer related cartoons.

Live Sound Computer

Live Sound Computer Thumb

This is another .info feeder domain for the Mixer in a Box site. The search engines send some traffic from people searching for a way to do live sound on a computer or laptop.

Live Sound Wiki

Live Sound Wiki Thumb

With the exception of the forum this is just a parked domain at the present time. It is a site that I should do something with. I had some wiki software that was available from my web hosting company up on this site at one time and a few articles to begin the wiki. I noticed some activity to the site in the traffic logs and checked. There were over 3000 spam comments on the first page alone, and more spam comments deeper into the site. I took the wiki software down. It may be that there was filtering for spam available if I had known where to look. I recently downloaded another wiki software package but have not investigated it to date.

Live Sound Forum

The Live Sound Forum Thumb

This is my first attempt at hosting a forum. I have had a few people register for this forum, but it is not active. I have links to it on all of my sound related sites and see an occasional visitor through those links. I do get an occasional visitor referred by the search engines. A forum needs active posters to become a community, and none of those few that have registered have ever posted. I suspect that is the case with most forums.

Mixer in a Box

The Mixer in a Box Thumb

This site provides information about the Software Audio Console virtual mixing environment known as SAC. I have several pages discussing various aspects of the software. I see significant international interest in this site and the software it promotes. I have an offer to build SAC Systems. I have had one inquiry into the offer.

Mixing Live Sound

Mixing Live Sound Thumb

Mixing Live Sound provides some information about the production end of the music business. This is my busiest site although my comedy site may take that distinction if things continue the way they have. This is not because MLS is loosing traffic but because Web Pickups has had a big boost from the blog. A lot of the posts on Web Pickups show up on the first page of the search engines for the specific long tail search terms. People search for the viral emails by the subject line and I have been using the subject lines as post titles.

Selling on Your WebSite

Selling On Your WebSite Thumb

Selling on Your WebSite has some hints and tips about ways to monetize your websites. I have several articles with information for website owners. There is some straight Internet Marketing information, but the main focus of the site is for those with a site that would like to see a bit of income.

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