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About My Designs

This odyssey all started out because I had some personal webspace with my first ISP and thought that it might be fun to use the space. Until recently some of the early attempts were archived on that space, but that provider changed their policy and there was no value in transferring the site to new space, so the online archives are no longer available. I probably have local copies of most of those pages but there is limited value there. Most of the real information has filtered down to the current pages.

Since I was just dabbling in site building I looked for a freeware website editor. I found and began using NVu, the predecessor to KompoZer. As my interest grew I found the NVu/KompoZer forum and became a regular there. I learned a good deal by just following the various threads on the forum. Eventually I upgraded to KompoZer.

My first two generations of sites were built with table based layouts. Tables were easy to understand and appeared to be the logical choice. Around the forum I began to hear about using css for layout, so the third generation of the sites were more or less conversions to a css based layout. They were still single column sites for the most part.

I bought webspace and began buying some more domain names. I began a shotgun approach to web site ownership. Luckily, some of those names are good names and can be developed further. Others would take much work or luck to make happening places. I knew nothing of keywords or SEO at the time.

With the hosted webspace came the option to use some php scripts with the pages. At first this was limited to using includes but I found some other available scripts that I began to use (like the comment system to the left). My understanding of css also progressed and I started using two and then three column layouts. Most of my sites now employ the three column layout on most pages.

Another option with the hosting company was a 'one click' install of WordPress blogs. I put up a blog with my business site and then put up my Hobby WebMaster Blog. I learned of a theme that was available for WordPress that had been designed for easy modification. With my new knowledge of css and php I was able to modify this theme to maintain a family look with a website and with my other site designs. I began self installing the blogs because I can use one database for many blogs. WordPress does all the work with the script and I keep a copy on the server and just copy it on the server to whatever location I wish to establish a blog.

The original directory page had become quite long, and I decided to ad a thumbnail of the sites so I have split the directory into several pages. The thumbnails will ad a bit of color and break up the column of text so should make the directory a more interesting and informative place to visit.

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