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Other WebSites and Pages on the Web

There are a couple of sites that I have not yet listed. I am listing them here. I am also listing a few sites that I have designed and put up for others. My Squidoo lenses are listed on this page as well as the published articles on the various article directories.

Other Sites of Mine

Articles Directory

Articles Thumb

This space was intended to list and promote the articles that I now have linked from the bottom section of this page. I may have linked to a couple of them, but did not keep up with the program. I may correct that situation (or not). I did place an instance of an article directory script on this space. It is the script that I also use on the World Soapbox site. I placed this instance for testing purposes.

Pennies for Wink Publishing

Pennies for Wink Publishing thumb

This is the home office for the Pennies for Wink Publishing Empire. Don't blink or you might miss it. Most of the information that I have posted is in the blog.

Sites I Built

Design Dragon Site

Design Dragon Thumb

The Design Dragon site is the only instance of someone actually taking advantage of my offer through the Here's Our Site family. The page owner supplied the logo.

Eman's Place

Eman's Place Thumb

This is a sub-domain space that I put up for my grandson. There are a few mini-games available to play.

FreeBird Leather Sewing

FreeBird Leather Sewing Thumb

FreeBird Leather Sewing is a site that I built for a rally friend, Mary Dermet. Mary works the rally circuit as a vendor selling patches and other accessory items. She sews the patches on to the customer's apparrel and does some leather repair for her customers. I put up a Google calendar but I fear that Mary is a bit lax in making entries.

Squidoo Lenses

Squidoo is a site that allows you to build and post a page on most any subject matter free. There is even a chance that you will make a small income if the page becomes popular. If you would like to join the fun at please click my Affiliate Link

Mixer in a Box

Squidoo Mixer Thumb

This was my first lens to promote the Software Audio Console and my site Mixer in a Box. It is my highest ranking lens and has sent some traffic to my website.

KompoZer as a Squidoo HTML editor

Squidoo KompoZer Thumb

Squidoo allows some inline styles to be incorporated into the page. For those that don't know or are not comfortable with hand coding CSS inline styles I explain ways to use KompoZer to produce the needed code.

Men's Dress Shirts

Squidoo Dress Shirts Thumb

This lens was put up to promote my Men's Dress Shirts mini-site. It is in the basement (probably the dungeon below the basement) as far as my lenses are concerned.

My Other Published Works

I have had articles published in three places around the web and I have a PDF on Website Basics available for download from a site as well as from my site Before You Buy a WebSite. This is a list of links to my other published works.


Buzzle is an article site. It accepts only original material that has not been published elsewhere on the Internet. They do manually approve each article and have high editorial standards. My article there has produced the most traffic to my site.

Go Articles

Go Articles is one of the major article directories. At the present time the articles are published automatically so they show up within a few hours of submission. They do have a high volume of articles submitted, so if you submit in a popular category your article will only be on page one for a few hours.

Ezine Articles

Ezine Articles is the premier article directory on the web. The approval process includes both automated and manual elements. There is an automated duplicate content check and two editors check each article. Approval may take a few days on many articles although for most of this year the processing has been very fast. Because of the high editorial standards this is one of the best places to find quality articles.


Scribd is a site that is set up to host downloadable content. This must be original content. It is an interesting concept. I have a PDF on website basics hosted there. The PDF is also available for download from my site.

All of the sites have some advertising included. If traffic should grow I may make a few pennies, so send more traffic!! Send a link to anybody that might be interested in the content on any of these sites. Send a link to a few people that just won't care, too.


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