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The Promotional Sites

These sites are early attempts at Internet Affiliate Marketing. Some of them are only partially developed but a couple of them do have potential. These sites have not been promoted and have very little traffic.

Make Money

Make Money Thumb

This site is in sub-domain space. There are some suggestions of ways to make money from the Internet. I need to expand the options and promote this site if it is to produce any results.

The PC App Store

The PC App Store Thumb

There is some search engine traffic to this site simply on the power of a good domain name. Occasionally somebody looks at some of the offers on the site, but most visitors do not get past the first page. I need to do something to add some excitement to this site.

Pennies for Wink

Pennies for Wink Thumb

I have a collection of catalog pages on this site. Most of the site is made up of remote Amazon pages. There may be some hope for this format if I were to promote the site, but the domain name is somewhat less than optimum.

Shopping for Electronics

Shopping for Electronics Thumb

This sub-domain space was intended to market consumer electronics items. It is just a banner farm at the present time, and only half finished at that. It may have some potential if it were updated and promoted.

The Closet Online

The Closet Online Thumb

This is a clothing and accessory promotional site. There are several categories represented on the home page. The inner pages are just banner farm pages at the present time, although there is a small info page linked along side of each banner. I do see a small amount of traffic to this site, mostly on the power of the name. The site is past due for a rebuild.

Note: The rebuild is in progress at the present time. There is a new look for the site, although I expect to make some further adjustments. The banner farm pages are going away at the present time. There is still a long way to go, but at least I have started on phase one of the rebuild. There are posts in the blog detailing the progress and some of my thoughts of the direction that the site will take.

There is much that needs to be done if any of these sites are to produce results. Putting them together has been a learning experience. My major shortcoming is site promotion. You can put a very beautiful site up on the web, but if the site is not properly optimized and promoted you will not draw a large volume of traffic.

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